1.Troubleshooting for failure in connecting the network (failed to add device)

  1. Make sure the device has been connected to the power source and turned on.

  2. Make sure the device has been in net-pairing status. 

  3. Make sure that the device, the phone and the router are close to each other.

  4. Make sure that the router network is good.

  5. Make sure the router password is correct.

  6. Make sure the device has been added using 2.4G WiFi band. Enable the Wi-Fi broadcast function and do not set it to hidden mode.

  7. Make sure that the encryption method of the router’s wireless setting is WPA2-PSK and the authentication type is AES, or both are set as  automatic. 11nonly is not allowed in wireless mode.

  8. Make sure the Wi-Fi name does not contain any Chinese characters.

  9. If the number of the router’s connected devices reaches the limit, try to turn off some device's Wi-Fi functions and configure it again.

  10. If the router has enabled the wireless MAC address filter, try to remove the device from the router’s MAC filter list to ensure the device is not prohibited by the router to connect to the network

2.What if the device is offline?

  1. Please make sure the device has been powered on. 

  2. Please check if the network is stable. Checking method: put a mobile phone or an iPad next to the device and make sure they are connected to the same network, then try to open a web page.

  3. Please make sure the home Wi-Fi network is working well, or whether the Wi-Fi name, password, etc have been modified. If so, reset the device and add it again. 

  4.  Please try to reboot the router and wait 3 minutes to observe the status of the device.


3. How to share Nooie Cam's viewing access to others?


You can easily share the viewing access of your device to friends and family using Nooie App. This will allow them to view through your camera; however, they will not be able to control your device. Please follow the instructions below to share a device:


  1. If the invitee doesn’t have a Nooie account, please download Nooie App and register an account first.

  2. Choose the camera you would like to share and go to the Camera Settings.

  3. Under the Camera Settings, choose Camera Sharing.

  4. Type in the account email address of the person you would like to share access with, and hit “Send Invitation.”

  5. Nooie will send this invitation to the person via app.



4. What to do if the device keeps having problems of reading the MicroSD card?


Please format the MicroSD card in “Storage” under the camera’s “Settings” in Nooie Cam App. If that doesn’t solve the problem, please unplug the camera, take out the MicroSD and format it using a computer (FAT32 format). After completion, install the card first, before powering on the camera. Please wait for at least 6 minutes to see the new recording on MicroSD card after power on.

5. Why does Playback fail to work after I format the card?

Please wait for at least 6 minutes to see new recordings on MicroSD card after formatting the card.As every file saved on MicroSD card is 5 minutes, it can be read after it finished.

6. Why can’t I see the recorded videos on the detected message immediately?

Videos recorded and stored in the cloud takes about 2 minutes; videos stored in the MicroSD takes about 5 minutes. When the process is not finished, you will be directed to live-streaming.

7. Does nooie cam support Sound detection?

Yes, the newest firmware support, you need to update camera's firmware and app.(IPC007-720P: 2.6.32+, iOS:1.3.8+, android: 1.3.10+)

8. How to delete the recorded videos?

Videos stored in the cloud will be automatically deleted after 7 days; videos stored in the card will need to be deleted manually by formatting the card.

9. How does Nooie keep users’ personal data and videos secure?


Nooie works tirelessly to keep our customers’ data and videos secure. We are backed by the secure and tested Amazon Web Service (AWS) to protect your privacy. AWS complies with the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Security (CJIS) standards. AWS is used throughout the United States by state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies.


All of Nooie’s data transmissions adopt the HTTPS encryption protocol. This will encrypt and secure your personal information between the user and the site or server. It cannot be read or forged by any third parties. For example, when streaming your camera’s feed to your mobile phone, Nooie protects this data with multiple layers of security, such as HTTPS and Transport Layer Security.



10. Do I have to purchase cloud storage for recording? How is the cloud service charged?


Nooie provides users with the options to store videos locally in a Micro SD card, or in the secure cloud. The secure cloud service is $5 per month.

11. How does the cloud storage work?


All of the events and videos will be stored in the cloud for seven days till they get deleted automatically. Users can access the videos freely within the seven-day window, including downloading clips to your phone and other devices. 



12. How to find and play footages from Micro SD card or the cloud?


You have to have either a Micro SD card or cloud subscription in order to find and play footages from a Nooie Cam. With either of the storage option, choose the date of the recorded footage you want to see first, and then just rewind and play.



13. How to move Nooie to a new location or network?


If the Wi-Fi is the same, just power on the camera again, the camera will connect to the Wi-Fi auto. If the Wi-Fi change,Please reset the camera and then connect camera again.



14. Does Nooie Cam only support 2.4G Wi-Fi? Any tips for connecting the camera to network?


Yes, Nooie Cam can only support 2.4G Wi-Fi, please ensure that your router support 2.4G Wi-Fi. When pairing a camera, please choose a 2.4G Wi-Fi on your phone too. You can go back to using 5G Wi-Fi or other networks on your phone after a successful pairing. Here are the meanings of the different status lights:

  1. Solid Red Light: the device is powered on and initializing.

  2. Flashing Red Light: the device is ready to connect.

  3. Solid Blue/White Light: the device is working properly.

  4. Flashing Blue/White Light: connection is in progress.


15. Does Nooie send motion alerts to users right away? Even if their Nooie App is closed?


Yes, you will get notified right away when the camera detects a movement, even if your Nooie App is closed. Unless you turn off the camera on purpose, or schedule it not to disturb, it will send motion alerts to you wherever you are.


16. Can’t see things clearly at night? Is the night vision mode on or off?


Our camera’s infrared light turns on and off automatically according to the brightness. If you experience a problem of seeing clear pictures at night, please upgrade the firmware in Nooie App to the latest version. If that doesn’t solve the problem, please reset the camera or contact us at support@nooie.com



17. What to do if the pictures are blurred?


Please wipe clean your camera’s lens, and adjust the image quality to the highest in Nooie App. 



18. Why didn’t I receive a motion alert from Nooie App?


Please check the Motion Detection under the Camera Settings and see if you’ve scheduled a specific timetable to receive notifications. Simply turn off the schedule button if you’d like to receive motion alerts all day. Please also maximize the sensitivity level of motion detection to avoid missing any detected motion alerts.



19. What kind of Micro SD cards does Nooie Cam support?


Nooie Cam can support a class 6 or above Micro SD Card, from 4G to 128G.