Nooie’s First Long-Term Tester, Mike Churchill

A professional YouTuber who loves tech and IoT products

Nooie first learned about Mike Churchill through his YouTube channel: "Mike’s unboxing, reviews and how to" 


Mike told us that in the very beginning, he was just another customer. Frustrated with watching tutorials that didn't really answer his questions or reviews that weren't necessarily helpful. Mike decided to create his own channel to review IoT products. He has documented tons of high-quality unboxing experiences and tutorials for consumer electronics that people use in their daily lives.

Mike has a background in sales, computer production, and TV production. He used the skillsets he had acquired from his past experiences and started his unboxing channel. Originally he picked the name of "Mike’s Unboxing Therapy" until someone pointed out the similarity between his channel and another popular channel. He then changed the name to "Mike's unboxing, reviews and how to." 


Mike's studio (in the picture on the right side) was remodeled from his dining room. The table is about 14 feet by 10 feet. The storage space underneath the table is packed with computers and reviewed items. This is the place where it all began.

After watching some of his videos, Nooie contacted him in the hope of recruiting him as our first product tester. And it turned out to be a match! Let's see how Mike thinks of our product, Nooie Cam 360.

“The hardware side of things is great with good reliability and sturdy build and good looks. The software is easy to set up and use and is simple enough for anyone to pick up yet powerful enough for techies to dig in a little deeper and configure the product to work how they need it too...” said Mike.

In his video of testing the Nooie Cam 360:, he introduces the camera’s specifications, motion tracking feature, night vision, how to set up via Wi-Fi and so on.

Mike tested the Nooie Cam 360 intensively, including the sensitivity of both motion detection and sound detection, the motion tracking feature, night vision and so on. He has brought up some very valuable questions to Nooie that helped us rethink some of our features and improve the usability of our product. Below is a conversation between Mike and Nooie. 

Mike: "The camera can only track motions horizontally? What about vertical movements?"

Nooie: "Nooie Cam 360 can only track horizontal movements because we believe that most of the indoor movements are horizontal movements. With the camera lens' field of view, it's also unnecessary to track vertical movements."

Mike: "The motion tracking doesn't work sometimes. What's the problem?"

Nooie: "Nooie Cam 360's motion tracking is very sensitive. It's very likely to be a network issue if the motion tracking doesn't work."

Mike: "How about tracking sounds?"

Nooie: "Due to the complexity of the sound environment, many errors may occur if we add that feature. We will make further assessments of the need and update you on this matter."

MiKe: "Why can't I make overnight schedules? For example, from 10 PM to 8 AM?" 

Nooie: "We have received similar feedback from other users too. We're in the process of improving our scheduling experience by combining the motion and sound detection, as well as allowing the overnight schedules. "


Mike has provided a lot of valuable feedback to Nooie. We genuinely appreciate it. Nooie wishes to establish a long-term relationship with customers like Mike, making our products better and better.

Mike: "Is there a way to turn the night vision off?"

Nooie: "Yes. We added the option of turning the night vision off in its firmware update, version 1.3.43."

Mike: "How does the motion tracking work?"

Nooie: "The motion tracking is realized through its advanced imaging algorithm that detects the changes in frames."


Mike: "How to choose the ideal sensitivity for motion/sound detection?"

Nooie: "Here's a chart that can help you understand the sensitivity settings better."

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