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Eric Crass has a home-based machine shop equipped with woodworking and metal working tools. He’s very enthusiastic about electronics, photography, videography, editing, gardening and outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting and fishing.

Eric has a YouTube channel named ”Brewmaster” ( where he educates people on gun safety, beer brewing and many other subjects. He enjoys testing new products and providing feedback to make the products better. He often focuses on the usability of the product and its app, the connection between the two and the communication that weighs in with the product development.

What was your first impression of Nooie Cam 360?

“It’s a very nice-looking device. It seems very well designed and built and the weight of it makes me feel that it’s trustworthy. It’s also a solid camera with excellent picture quality.”

What do you use Nooie Cam for?

“I have been using the camera to check on my family when I’m away. I have two dogs, Arlo, a male beagle, and LuLu, a stray small mix breed my family and I rescued. She is very sweet and happy to be staying with us. Sometimes I also use the camera to see if the robot vacuum is working or not.”

Eric pointed out that when he used his phone in horizontal view, the feature buttons and playback bar would disappear after a while, and then he had to touch the screen again to access the buttons and playback bar. He suggested that they should always stay there.


What do you think? Do you prefer a clean full screen for viewing with touch-activated menu, or do you prefer having the buttons and playback bar at all times?

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