You’ve got style! The Nooie team wants to know what color is perfect for your home.

May 1 - May 31

Can't decide yet? Let's see some.

Clay looks natural and grounded. It can fit in any kind of environment and it looks great on any type of surface. 

Gardener's soil is a rich, chocolate-like color that can make a bold statement to your interior.  

Graphite makes something cool even cooler. It's modern and neutral, which gets along well with basically anything! 

How did we choose these colors?

Nooie is a brand inspired by nature. We aim to create products that spark a sense of warmth and blend in seamlessly to your home. We believe that home electronics shouldn't be something cold and ugly that need to be hidden behind a cabinet or under a sofa.  

This season we’re celebrating dark tones to complement our signature off-white and beige collection. We have taken inspiration from the latest interior design and decor trends to narrow down our color selection to three nature-inspired tones: clay, gardener's soil and graphite.  All of these colors look gorgeous alongside wood, concrete, marble and metal and more -- stylish smart home devices that you would be proud to show off.

We love them all so we’re asking your help.  Pick your favorite color to help us decide which will be the new color for Nooie!

With gratitude, 
Michelle Wu

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