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Nooie Cloud - FAQ

1. How secure is Nooie Cloud?

Nooie Cloud is backed by the secure and tested Amazon Web Service (AWS) to protect your privacy. AWS complies with the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Security (CJIS) standards. AWS is used throughout the United States by state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies.

2. How does the cloud storage work?

All of the events and videos will be stored in the cloud for the rolling days of your choice till they get deleted automatically. For example, if you activate the 7-day video history plan on Jan 1, the cloud will keep the recordings of Jan 1 until the midnight of Jan 8. Then the cloud would delete videos of Jan 1 to make room for the new recordings of Jan 8. You can access the videos freely within the 7-day window, including saving the videos to your phone and other devices by using the recording feature in the app.


3. How is the cloud charged?


Depending on the plan you choose, the cloud service is charged on a monthly or annual basis. It will charge you via PayPal and its supported credit card methods on the second day of each month. Whether it's a monthly plan or annual plan, the subscription period is 1 year. However, you can cancel the subscription at any time without fines. Nooie will send you a reminder before the 1-year period expires to make sure that you are happy with the plan you choose. 



4. What happens to the cloud subscription if I delete the device?

The cloud subscription will stay active if you delete the camera. This means that if you reconnect the camera, you'll still be able to access any old recordings within the 7-day window. If you wish to cancel the subscription, please do so first before deleting the camera. You can unsubscribe our service in the app under the Storage in Settings, or contact us at support@nooie.com

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