Enhance your Smart Home experience with Google Assistant and control the devices using your voice. Please make sure you have a working Google Home device and Google Assistant account.

How to connect with Google Assistant?

Tuya Smart Skill must be enabled in the Google Home App. Open Google Home App and tap the plus sign Add in the main page. Select Set Up Device and choose the Have Something Already Set Up? under the Works with Google.


Search for Tuya Smart in the list and open it, confirm the country where your Nooie account is located, enter your Nooie account and password. Tap Link Now to complete.

How to control Nooie via Google Assistant?

Please set an easily recognizable name for your device. Once the Nooie Skill is enabled in Google Home app, simply give a commend to Google Assistant to turn devices on or off using the device name saved in Nooie App. For example:

Google, turn (name of

device or group) on.

Google, turn (name of device or group) off.