1. How do I connect my device to the Nooie Home app?

  1. Please register an account in the Nooie Home app. After you sign up, Nooie Home app will automatically create a Home for your account and ask you to “Add Device.”

  2. “Add Device” can also be found by clicking the “Control Center” icon on the top right of the home page after you log in.


After you click “Add Device,” please follow the instructions in the app to connect your device.


2. My device cannot be paired, what can I do?

  1. Please exam the device’s power and LED indicator to make sure that it is ready to pair.

  2. Please check your network connection, Wi-Fi router and speed.

  3. Please make sure that the Wi-Fi password is correct.

  4. Please make sure that the network chosen is 2.4G.


3. What is the AP mode shown on the “Connection Failed” page? How do I switch from the normal pairing mode to AP mode?


AP mode’s full name is Access Point mode. It is an alternative option when the normal pairing method doesn’t work. Please read the instructions in the app to switch from the normal mode to AP mode, or the other way around. When device is in the normal pairing mode, its LED indicator flashes rapidly, approximately twice per second; when it’s in the AP mode, the LED indicator flashes slowly, approximately once per three seconds.



4. I have successfully paired my device to the network, but it is offline now. What can I do?

  1. Please exam the device’s power supply.

  2. Please check your network connection, Wi-Fi router and speed.

  3. Have you recently changed your Wi-Fi name or password? If so, please reset your device and connect it again.

  4. If the problem persists, please send us a detailed message under Help section in the app, or contact us at support@nooie.com


5. How do I share my device with others?


You can share your device by:

  1. adding "Owners" to your Home. An owner will have access to ALL devices added to Home.

  2. one-time sharing to "Guests."

You can add “Owners” or “Guests” right after a successful pairing. You can add or edit the Owners/Guests list in “Manage Home” under “Control Center” that’s located on the top right of the main page. You can also click “Device Sharing” in the device’s settings and share it with a “Guest.”


6. Can I set up different schedules for different days?

Yes, you can. In the device control page, please click “Schedule” and create your desired schedule. Select the days you want to apply that schedule or deselect the days and save. Multiple schedules can be created as long as they don’t interfere with the existing schedules.



7. How do I control multiple devices at the same time?


If you have added multiple devices under the same category, you can create a group in the “Control Center” (top right of the main page) to control them simultaneously. Simply choose the devices you wish to be controlled together and save.



8. My scheduled action wasn’t on time or didn’t happen at all, how do I fix it?

If a schedule does not work as how it is set, please delete it and create a new one. Thank you for your understanding.