Share the life of your pets and get rewarded for being a proud parent!

August 3 - August 24, 2020

How to participate:

1. Create memorable social media posts of your pets by taking photos or videos using your phone. Bonus points if the footages were shot by Nooie Cam. Add a caption to each post and describe that moment. Submit as many posts as you’d like.  

2. Post on your Instagram (1 in-feed post and 1 story) or Facebook (1 post and 1 story) and tag #nooiepets and @nooiehome

3. Invite people to like your stories and stay tuned.

Tip: Follow your pets around just like how they follow you!

For example:

"Chloe loves going to the park! But she's been giving me this face cuz I cut her nails too short... She's like, I'm still pissed!"  

"There's some construction going on near my place so Mochi has been hiding under the blankets! Hahaha"  

Meatball: "My human mommy will massage me whenever I want! And this is how I signal her!


3 winners will be selected based on the quality of your submission, the likes and comments you receive.  

We will reward the winners with a $100 Amazon Gift Card + 1 Nooie Product of your choice. Your story will also get featured in our gallery!


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