Turn left and right, go up and down. 

Motion tracking gives you the power to see more of whatever's happening. Pan/tilt control and access real-time 360° viewing with Nooie app.

Take a closer look.

Take a closer look.

Standout style. With moves that don't quit.

High-definition video with full-motion control in a stylish package that never has to hide.


Security with a twist.

Motion-tracking and pan/tilt features ensure that you're always in the middle of the action, in 1080p high definition. Also features infrared night vision and two-way audio.

Keep up with the action. From anywhere.

Nooie Cam 360 features automatic motion tracking that keeps up with the action. Or use the app to pan and tilt manually. Either way, you'll see everything in the room, in stunning high definition.

Moves with your curiosity.

Nooie 360's motion tracking and pan/tilt features make it easy to keep the action front and center, even if it's not happening center-stage.

Twist and shout.

Two-way audio means you can hear what's happening, or use the talk-back feature to speak even when the other side is not picking up the phone.

Peace of mind on the go.

Receive instant app notifications wherever you are, whenever motion or sound is detected.

Pan. Zoom. Store. Rewind.

Store footage on a MicroSD card or in our secure cloud so you never miss a moment. Rewind and review whenever you want.

Lights off and sleep tight.

Powerful infrared lights provide crisp night vision with a range up to 32 feet. Check on your loved ones without waking them up.

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