Up all night so you don’t have to be.

Twelve infrared lights provide crisp night vision with a range up to 50 feet. Motion detection and two-way audio help you keep whatever’s out there at bay.

A pretty picture, even when conditions aren’t.

1080p high-definition visuals, with infrared night vision and and intelligent imaging to deliver incredibly crisp and accurate images in any weather condition.

Repel porch pirates.

Got a package coming? Motion detection and smart alerts mean Nooie Cam Outdoor can let you know the moment it arrives. Two-way audio* even lets you chat up the delivery person.

*Because there is often ambient noise outside, Nooie Cam Outdoor uses a half-duplex system, same as a walkie-talkie’s to ensure the best quality from each way.

Built to stand the weather.

It can take the heat, the cold, and everything in between. Nooie Cam Outdoor delivers flawless pictures, whatever the weather.

Nooie Cam

Let’s make this easy.

No electricians or contractors required. Just affix the tab to the wall, plug Nooie Cam Outdoor in, and you’re good to go.

Nothing gets by you.

From missing deliveries to marauding raccoons, Nooie Cam Outdoor keeps you in the know. Store footage on our secure cloud server or your own MicroSD card.

High-def. Even in low light.

Get a flawless wide-angle view of the great outdoors, in gorgeous 1080p HD video - day or night, rain or shine.



Size & Weight

Field of View


IR Night Vision




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