Keeping Up with The Spider-Man 

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Ryan Oelkers, with an Associate’s Degree in Animation & Motion Graphics, has intensive experience in advertising, web development, motion graphics, video editing, and interactive art directing. He started his own company 7 years ago, Sky Five Media, focusing on web development, online marketing, and affiliate marketing.


Ryan has manged dozens of websites in various professional fields. About two years ago, he started to focus more on smart products and website,, because he saw great potential in the smart home business. 

Ryan has 3 Echo Dots, Echo Wall Clock, a number of Teckin Smart Lights and Plugs, the Ring Video Doorbell, and a Belkin NetCam. "I don't consider myself as a ‘tech-head’ but I do appreciate technology. I enjoy smart devices that can make my life just a bit easier or more efficient. All smart devices should be easy to set up and use."


Nooie Cam 360's motion tracking feature attracted Ryan to get one. He tested the motion tracking with his lovely son who is a fan of the Spider-Man. 

"Motion tracking worked great. Tested it with my son. He had a lot of fun running around in the house and letting it follow his movement. He thought it looked like Eve from the movie WALL-E, which I disagree but it doesn’t matter. It was really fun to see him talking about it like it was alive."


Ryan wrote a professional product review of the Nooie Cam 360 and provided answers to some of most popular frequently asked questions. Read more HERE.

Ryan: "I think it's a very great idea that you ask users to share their stories on your website. How about allowing them to share videos in the app to their social media platforms?”

Nooie: "Nooie has always considered safety and privacy as the most important. We chose not to do so in the beginning because we didn't want to leave the impression that we were not treating this matter seriously. After months of debates, we have decided to provide the option to share in the app in the near future. This is completely optional, and we don't encourage people to share videos of suspected criminal activity online before contacting the local law enforcement. But if you don't mind sharing some clips and moments of your life, whether they're ordinary, funny, heart-warming or stupid, Nooie would love to see! We wish for a safe world where everyone feels comfortable to share the experiences and love with each other."

Ryan: "What if the camera can track faces rather than just movements. So, if a burglar comes into your home it would follow the face, making it easier to identify for the police."

Nooie: "It’s an excellent suggestion. Facial recognition feature can reduce irrelevant notifications. But it involves a large amount cost of AI research and development, as well as privacy issues. We will take this into serious consideration."

What do you think of facial recognition? Are you willing to pay more for this feature? Please comment below.

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