Nooie X Rocket Dog Rescue

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Rocket Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer nonprofit group dedicated to saving homeless and abandoned animals from euthanasia in overcrowded Bay Area shelters. Nooie is honored and proud to have contributed to their great cause of helping those animals to find their loving and permanent homes.

On the night of Oct 4 at the Castro Theater located in San Francisco, Nooie attended Rocket Dog Rescue’s fundraiser event, the Bummers Ball with our award-winning and best-selling Nooie Cam 360 as an entry in their silent auction. The camera works great as a pet camera because of its features such as motion-tracking, pan-tilt and two-way audio. As one of the only smart home companies that attended the event, Nooie was happy to see that our product is popular among the bidders and that our design can contribute to supporting the rescue of homeless and abandoned animals.

Nooie has our own rescued animals too. Our design team in the U.S. consists of four designers, and three of the four have pets, all of which were rescued and adopted from the animal shelters. Our design director Sasha picked up her cat Chichi on the street. Our visual designer Lu adopted her cat Mochi three years ago. And our industrial design Sunny adopted a rescued dog from the shelter. Chichi even appeared in a short commercial made for the Nooie Cam 360.

Nooie was created of love, by love and to love. Through our designs, actions and influence, we sincerely hope that there’ll be less and less sufferings for the animals.

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