Your home is Your New Personal Assistant

Now that you’re sheltering in place, and you may be juggling work, school and much more, it’s more important than every to get all the help you can.

Nooie Smart Plugs can raise the IQ of your home in minutes so that it works for you with these handy features.


Control your lights, fans, coffee maker, television and more with Alexa and Google Home. No smart home hub required.


You can control appliances remotely via your phone whenever and wherever with the Nooie App.


Use the Schedule and Timers to create morning and evening routines to start and wind down your day.


Plug in and connect to the Nooie App on your mobile device.


The compact design keeps your second outlet free, and the child lock function keeps both your settings and children safe.

“We have the smart plugs! My elderly mom uses them to turn on/off the lights and to turn on the TV. She loves them!!” - Leisa
“ If you are looking to automate your house or business, these are awesome. For the price of this four-pack, they are well worth it. They are so easy to set up, install and get working, that after the first one, you will know how to set up any smart plug. I have everything on schedules or set up as groups and controlled by routines in Alexa so with a few words I can turn on/off the whole house, thermostat and control my garage doors, but if you are away, you can also use the app to control any of the devices remotely.” -- Super D.

Some of the genius ways Nooie smart plugs raise the IQ of your home! Watch a review of the Nooie Smart Plug to get all the details.

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