Loyal User Inspires Nooie to Change

Identifying bugs in Nooie Cam app

Mo Rahaman works as a railway designer and he's been a Nooie fan since the very beginning. He bought two Nooie Cam 360 to keep an eye on his loved ones at home, his dearest daughter and two lovely cats. 

Mo is very fond of Nooie Cam 360's Motion Tracking and Pan and Tilt features. "I have 2 cats who run crazily around the house as well as my young daughter, so I use Nooie Cam 360 to keep an eye on them, as well as keeping the situation at hands. The cameras also give us a sense of security when we go out, and we can check up on our property whenever we feel like to."

After interviewing him, we learned that he lives in London, UK. Our visual designer Lu created a banner specifically for him with elements like the Big Ben, the signature red bus and his family members. Thank you for choosing Nooie!

Mo Talks About Nooie’s Design

"Nooie stood out to me because of its design. It looks so much prettier than the other cameras. It's simple and elegant, instead of boxy and square-like."


Mo majored in graphic design and architecture in university. 


"How about making more colors available for the customers to choose? Having different finishings can also attract more customers. You can even invite them to draw on the cameras!” 

Mo enjoys identifying bugs in the app. He has found dozens of problematic places where can be fixed and improved. Here are some of the dialogues we've had with Mo.


Mo: "When the Nooie Cam app is running in the background, the sound of music or YouTube videos playing is very low. Have you noticed this?"

Nooie: "We've found this problem on Huawei Note 9, P20 and Samsung tablet. We're fixing this compatibility issue in our new Nooie app that will be out soon."

Mo: " The sound detection didn't work on firmware 1.3.37."

Nooie: "We recommend that you reset the camera to its factory settings in the app after updating the firmware. This allows the new features to work properly for some of our older models. "


Mo suggested that the camera should be able to generate a panoramic picture with one click. Do you like this idea? Let us know what you think by writing a comment right here!

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